Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 3

Season 3 so far has been my favourite by far with all the twists and turns and just not knowing what is going to happen next or who is going to die.

The battle for the Iron Throne still rages with Robb Stark and his army fighting in the north, Stannis Baratheon is regrouping after the defeat at Black Water Bay, Tywin Lannister is back in Kings Landing taking up the role of the Hand of the King whilst they plan the biggest royal wedding ever between Joffrey  and Margaery Tyrell , Theon Greyjoy is being held hostage and tortured and across the Narrow sea Daenerys is building her army and freeing slaves on her journey to reclaim the seven kingdoms along with her dragons (I really want a dragon or a dire wolf).

Whilst the war wages on, Jon Snow is earning the trust of the Wildlings to help them over the wall and to attack Castle Black with out them knowing that he is still part of the NightsWatch. Bran and Rickon are on the road to Jon at Castle Black when they meet the Reed siblings who lead them onto a new path. Arya Stark is trying to get back to her family but always seems to run into new obstacles.

Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage is by far my favourite character and steals every scene that he is in, he is a brilliant character and the dynamics between him, his sister Cersei and his father Tywin is really entertaining. Especially when he finds out that he is going to be married of to Sansa Stark now that Joffrey is marrying Margaery.

There were a few surprise faces popping up among the cast that kept me wondering who they were, because i recognized them but i just couldn't place it so I IMDB'd it and got my answers the most annoying was Ramsey Snow, Theon's torturer, who is, if you are British will recognize as Simon from the E4 drama Misfits, who i find a brilliant and sadistic character.

This season has been brilliant and is gearing up for what i hope is going to be a fantastic season 4 even though i already know one of the biggest deaths thanks to Facebook spoilers but i am still looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to being caught up with the current series and excited to see what is going to happen next.

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