Monday, April 13, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Review [SPOILER ALERT!!!]

I know it has been a while since i lasted posted as i have just been busy trying to get in as many hours at work as possible but what better way to get back into things with the season premiere of GAME OF THRONES i have literally been counting down the days pretty much since the end of last season for the new season. I just can't seem to find a show the captivates my attention so much as this does and this is partly down to the fact that if you don't actually pay any attention you will get completely lost and on the other hand the story lines are so brilliant and unique compared to a lot of other shows out there.

If you can't tell from the heading off this blog it going to contain a lot of spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet, its probs for the best if you don't want the episode ruined. I think i am just going to do a brief summary of the end of last season which involves a dragon on the loose, two of the characters of to new lands, the battle at the wall and Bran Stark finding some tree.

The episode starts with  a flash back to Cersei's childhood where she meets a psychic in the woods who predicts her future. In Kings Landing Tywin Lanisters funeral is about to take place and Cersei and Jaime are at odds after Jaime let Tyrion escape.

Daenerys has a mysterious group going around killing the unsullied, as she tries to govern the people she has tried to rescue and be a Queen. Jon Snow is helping train the remaining men of the Nights Watch with Stanis Baratheon wanting the Wildlings to join his army to take on the battle for the iron throne as Stanis tried to get Jon Snow to convince Mance Rayder to join Stanis's army.

Tyrion is out of his box with Lord Varys who is trying to convince Tyrion to help him save the seven kingdoms by putting Daenerys on the iron throne.

The only character that i really wanted to see is Arya because she is by far one of the best characters on the show not to bothered that we didn't see much of Bran though.

All in all though the episode didn't have any big action sequences it is slowly building up and tying up some loose ends from the end of the last season.

Can't wait for next weeks episode where it looks like we will see Arya and see the first glimpses of Dawn and Oberyns brother.

Sneak Peak at next weeks episode below