Saturday, December 27, 2014

Movie Marathon

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope Santa brought everything that you wanted.

So it's the Saturday after Christmas and it is the perfect day for a movie marathon. So i thought i would share some the films in my DVD pile for today. They are on no particular order or make sense just films i fancy watching today.

Back to the Future 3- The first two have been on TV for the last few days and the third one just happens to be on TV today and i love the series, after watching the other two i just had to finish of the series and the 3rd one is also my favourite, and lets be honest after watching the films all you really want is a hover board!!

Guardians of the Galaxy- favourite film of the summer and i just so happened to have got the DVD for Christmas, the film is just undeniably brilliant after being such an unknown before it was released and now is one of my favourite Marvel films.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1- similar to Back to the Future the Harry Potter films have been on TV over Christmas and i love Harry Potter so will definitely be watching it.

The Lego Movie- i still haven't seen this film yet but i have been told its brilliant- I have Sky+ it to watch at some point over Christmas so will probably end up watching it today.

Other films that might creep in would be 22 Jump Street, The Muppets Most Wanted and maybe the odd Christmas film if i can find my copy of Gremlins :D. There could also potentially be a few episodes of Game of Thrones as Sky have all four series on in there own marathon.

What would be in your movie marathon?

Hope everyone has a great new year.